About Us

Rules of the Hall

  1. Don't be an ass
  2. If we offended you with the first rule. We're glad we got it out of the way
  3. We don't mind course language. But someone else might. Maintain low tones
  4. No children at the bar... They're angry drunks
  5. Don't talk about Fight Club
  6. We're not going to repeat rule #5
  7. Do not address your bartender as any of the following: beertender, tarbender, mixologist, champ, sport, nurse, beer wench, toots, baby, etc. Ask for our name and we'll be happy to tell you
  8. If you choose to break rule #7, we reserve the right to call you "Miss Jackson" (that's right, we're nasty)
  9. We love talking about our bar, but if you begin a sentence with, "you know what you should do..." stop. We don't come to your house and tell you where to put the couch. If we listened to everyone with a bright idea, you'd be eating a fried bologna sandwich served by a singing waiter on roller skates in a cowboy hat and sitting next to a black lit cage dancing monkey
  10. Whoever said there are no stupid questions was stupid
  11. Whoever said the customer is always right was probably wrong a lot
  12. Dont touch the staff. Respect our personal space and remember, we have easy access to knives
  13. Relax, have fun, and laugh a little. It will keep you young.