Covid19 Updates:

Happy Tuesday, Toadies! We are almost back. 

To begin we will be serving Thursday through Sunday from 4pm to 9pm.

Some things will be a bit different, but we will slowly work back to normal. Your service staff will be wearing masks. We ask that our guests respect social distancing guidelines and wash their hands often. 

If you see someone you haven't seen in 70+ days, don't be an asshole and try to hug them. We should all be used to shouting intimate conversations from 6+ feet by now.

We are also asking one person from every party to use the sanitizer available at the front and fill out a small piece of paper with a first name and one piece of contact information (phone#, email, or address). 

It will be placed in a brown paper bag, sealed, and dated each day. The bags will be destroyed after 21 days unless they are turned over to the health department for the purposes of contact tracing.

Please note:
1. You have the right to not fill one out
2. We have the right to refuse service to anyone

If you choose to exercise your right, so will we.

That bit of business aside, we are also limiting our menu for the time being. We're sorry if your favorite isn't back yet but it probably will be soon enough. 

As a treat, however, take a look at the menu below and you'll notice 3 NEW ITEMS! Check out the fried dill pickle spears, the Hazzard County Fried Chicken Sandwich and everybody's favorite...Nashville Hot Chicken Tacos.

So let's all be safe and hang out together...26 people at a time.